we love the fair!

a vibrant celebration of community

Who knew? When Fisher first arrived at the Puyallup Fair, we couldn’t have imagined where we’d be today. In 2011, we celebrated our 100-year anniversary along with a long legacy of passion for the festivals and fairs across the Pacific Northwest that are the mainstay of our company’s community spirit.


Customer Stories


  • Fair Winner

    The winner of the Fisher Scones 100 Millionth Scone contest is...

    Emily Campen of Wenatchee!

    Emily grew up in Puyallup and worked at the Dairy Barn at the fair when she was a teenager. Her dad saw the Seattle Times article and sent the link to her to enter the contest--she loves the scones and loves the home baking mix. She's starting graduate school this week at Central in mental health counseling and will use the money to help her live while in school. Emily said to say thanks! She's "super excited."

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