• Protect and Sustain
    Looking Out For the Next Generation

    Fisher started as a Seattle flour mill more than a century ago. To this day, our connection to the land and to communities runs deep. We support sustainable farming practices, nurture the growth of families with high-quality products, and give back to those in need. By honoring the earth and our communities, we create a legacy for our children. Learn More

  • a century of growth
    nurturing deep agricultural roots

    Now more than 100 years old, Fisher continues our commitment to the time-honored values that have kept us strong for so long. Through enduring
    relationships with local farmers, we continue
    to work creatively to bring you high-quality
    products that express the honesty of the land
    and the environmental richness of the region.
    Learn More

  • fair scone’s rise to fame

    William H. Paulhamus, president and general manager of the Puyallup Fair (now the Washington State Fair), discovered Fisher Fair Scones more than 100 years ago at the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco. Thrilled with his discovery, he debuted Fisher Scones at the Puyallup Fair in the very same corner booth where you can find them today. Learn More

  • fun at the fair
    the promise of childhood

    Just for Kicks! Time together at the fair offers an ideal escape from the routine. A simple pleasure filled with the kind of wholesome fun that makes you want to come back for more. Fisher’s proud to be a part of that heritage here in the Northwest. Learn More

  • farm-to-table freshness

    Like the sun-kissed rows of corn in the field, Fisher Cornbread adds a golden glow to the dinner table. Served warm with butter, it’s the perfect complement to any meal. Learn More

  • with a warm embrace

    Nothing says “love” like a stack of steaming pancakes dripping with maple syrup. Add a hot cup of coffee, and you’re good to go. Cuddle up to this cozy delight by turning to our Fisher Pancake & Baking Mix. Learn More

A Family Tradition

Fisher makes simple baking mixes packed with the wholesome goodness that comes from family-owned farms across the Pacific Northwest. Our commitment to communities big and small spans more than 10 decades. The good life starts here.

Meet Your Farmer
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